Our new board seeks to continue the great work and effort that has been done before us whilst breathing new life into areas that have untapped potential by providing new opportunities and experiences for our members.

The Board’s mandate is to honour the Association’s bylaws and a) be a focal
point for the Jamaican community residing in Switzerland by providing
networking opportunities, educational and social activities and assist newly
arriving Jamaican residents, b) promote the people, culture and environment of Jamaica, in so doing enhancing the country’s image as a worthy tourist
destination, c) provide fundraising avenues to support Jamaican educational
institutions and d) contribute to the cultural diversity of the Swiss society . This dynamic, dedicated and passionate team looks forward to serving the community and shape a better future for Jamaican in Switzerland and Jamaica.

We are happy to present this newsletter a a means of us feeling more at home and a part of a family. Every moth we will interview someone here with a inspiring or relatable story so that we can all feel the empathy. We also want to bring nostalgia with Jamaican songs and cultural literature as you will see later on.