Past event: JAS president interview on The Bridge99FM

In February 2022, JAS president Dr. Warren A. Wallace was interviewed on The Bridge99FM, one of Jamaica’s newest radio stations. During this interview, which was hosted by the Rev. Ronnie Thwaites, Dr. Wallace highlighted the importance of the charitable work of JAS and the role of the diaspora in sharing the cultural heritage of Jamaica. For more on this interview, please click here.




Past event: JAS participation in the United Nations event “Reggae as an Instrument of the Collective Memory of Slavery”

On September 23, 2021 the Jamaica Association in Switzerland (JAS)  president, Dr. Warren A. Wallace, and JAS member Ms. Carol Simpson were part of a group of panelists for the United Nations event on “Reggae as an  Instrument of the Collective Memory of Slavery”. Through this event JAS was able to promote our heritage of reggae – a designated UNESCO cultural heritage of humanity – and its emancipating theme and global message of empowerment to rise above life’s challenges. We thank all those who were able to attend this event. 



Past event: Entrepreneurship and the Diaspora

On April 24, 2021, the Jamaica Association in Switzerland held an exciting Zoom event on Entrepreneurship and the Diaspora. This event, which was aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship in the diaspora, was a celebration of brand Jamaica, Jamaica’s culture and entrepreneurship spirit. A special thank you to everyone who made this event a wonderful success.
















Past event: Christmas Fundraising and Zoom Telethon

On December 12, 2020 the Jamaica Association in Switzerland held a Christmas Fundraising and Zoom Telethon. This online event, which was a wonderful time of warmth and fun with the diaspora and friends of Jamaica, was primarily aimed towards raising funds for the charity Candle in Dark: Shelters for the homeless and mentally challenged in Mandeville, Jamaica. The event, which had as MCs Jamaica’s Dervan Malcom of Power106FM and Claudette ‘CP’ Powell (formerly of Fame95FM in Jamaica), was a celebration of the beauty and culture of Jamaica through poetry, music, dance and irie vibes. A special thank you to all those who supported this event and worthy cause. One love!









Past event Annual Independence Day Barbecue, celebrating Jamaica’s independence held on August 9, 2020 at the lovely Vidy Wind Club in Lausanne. 


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